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7th January 2023, Old Broadwater Farm (WA)

Hi Kira,

Just an email to say a massive thank you!!

Our wedding day was amazing thanks to you guys! 

Thank you for all your patience and hard work on creating the wedding of our dreams. Everything was perfect. 

We always felt like everything was under control and sorted. I heard lots of stories of brides and grooms saying it was so stressful planning their wedding and those weeks leading into the big day are so full on - Can't relate, thanks to you haha! It was such a smooth, fun and exciting process. 

Those moments I got to walk around before any guests arrived to look at the decor was so special and it honestly exceeded my expectations. I was blown away. It was just gorgeous.

We had the best day ever and can't stop smiling looking at all our photos. We received so many compliments on just how much of a fun and beautiful day it was and we can't thank you enough! 

Love Bonnie and Damian Lane :) xxxxxx

Photography: Stefanie Buma
Videography: Little Sister Films

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