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3rd May 2019, The Ungasan

Our wedding venue was all booked more than a year out for May 2019 at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort, except we didn’t have a wedding planner. We contacted a lot of wedding planners in Bali, but after speaking to Kira over Skype we knew she was the one we wanted to work with to plan and bring our vision of our wedding to life. 


Kira was amazing to work with, we worked together to come up with a theme for the wedding which we describe as Timeless Romance. We would send over storyboards and ideas and she would help give her own input and send over revised versions of our ideas and this made our wedding unique to us. It was a collaboration between the both of us and we could see every element of our wedding come together, even things which we wanted which we thought wasn’t possible - Kira made it possible for us. We were one week out and still making minor changes to the wedding and she just made it happen.


On the day of the wedding, Kira and the team at Hitch'd came to our villa in the morning and started setting up but it still felt like they weren’t even there and we are able to enjoy the hours leading up to the ceremony. The set up of the Ceremony was so BEAUTIFUL, it was so romantic and everything we could have asked for and more. Let's talk about the dinner reception…  when we walked to the reception for dinner and saw the set up it was absolutely AMAZING, it was everything we wanted and even more. We have been following so many Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards and googling everything on the internet for what our wedding would look like, but what Kira did for us was so SPECIAL,  every element of the reception was unique to us. 


We can not explain how grateful we were that Kira was able to take our wedding on, as Hitch'd is booked out way in advance and you can see why they are in such high demand. The feedback from all our guest was that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding anyone one of our friends has even been to and this couldn’t have happened without Kira and the team from Hitch'd. 


Thank you for everything!


Michael and Anh Thy

Photography: Katie Harmsworth

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