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Our Couples


Sitting back, enjoying a champers on your wedding day, no stress in sight - Imagine that! You don't have to imagine, because you have us.

*cue angels singing*

Your wedding is your 'once in a lifetime', and we make sure it's the best day ever.

Sipping on that beverage and relaxing, knowing things are 100% taken care of, goes hand in hand with planning your wedding with Hitch’d.

Our pinkie promise is that we won’t deliver just any wedding. Your devoted wedding planner and stylist will weave your personalities and life stories into an unique experience for you and your guests.

We're with you for the long haul, and a boogie on the d-floor too!

Planning, Styling + Coordination

For those looking for a helluva 'once in a lifetime' wedding.

*Available for Bali and Perth & South-West weddings. Other regions on request.

With this ‘everything’ service, we’re there from the start of your whole planning experience, helping to guide you through venue selections and supplier bookings, there to secure and communicate on your behalf all the way up to the day itself and throughout of course.


Styling + Design

For those who have the planning conquered but want a banger Hitch'd set up.

*Available for Bali and Perth & South-West weddings. Other regions on request.

With our Styling service, you’ll likely have your venue and perhaps your general

non-styling suppliers sorted, ready to rumble.

When we join in on your planning, we’ll help to get your styling suppliers secured - stationery, florist, furniture, lighting, everything aesthetics! We’ll handle the communication and coordination for all of these players too, keeping in line with what’s required from your venue and wedding coordinator. We’ll slide right into it all and be there on the day to make sure it's your Pinterest Wedding reality.

What We Do

Photo: Alannah Liddell


Creators, Organisers, All 'Round Good Humans (if we do say so ourselves).


Hitch’d Weddings was born in Bali in 2016 and we quickly grew to establish a reputable, professional and style-focussed business in the events industry, becoming one of the leading wedding planning and wedding stylists in the region. Looking to grow further, we set our sights on carving out a niche back home in Perth, officially launching in 2021. 

We are a design focused wedding planning company who throws rad parties celebrating the individual love of individual couples. Working with the best creatives the industry has to offer, we are there to make sure your wedding planning experience is seamless and 100% all about you as a couple.


So who am I, the human behind Hitch’d Weddings?

I’m Kira and I’m about to toot my own horn.

Born in Chicago, raised between Perth and Bali.

I’m a lover of quirky things, a darn good stylist and organiser.

I am an over-planner, and I’m OK with that. My husband and family on the other hand…

I am a proud as punch fur-mum to 5 dogs and 4 cats, a reptile-mum to 4 turtles and

 a fo-realz mum to 1 little human.

And Hitch’d Weddings is my business baby.


Supported by a ridiculously amazing team of wedding planners and stylists, Hitch'd Weddings is ready to rumble and get things done. All for you.

In short, we love love, and we love to see those happily ever afters take flight.

We plan and obsess over the big and little things so you don’t have to.

We design and create your day with you, for you - your story, our art.

We'll be there from day dot when you say ‘Heck Yes!’ to Hitch’d Australia or Bali to be your planner and stylist, to handing over your forever memories in photo and video form.

The Hitch’d Fam will be with you, your family and friends, making sure no beat has been missed, celebrating a day to call your own.


Weddings are supposed to be fun and exciting, whether you’re at home in Australia or abroad in Bali, The Hitch’d Fam makes sure it’s that and so much more.

We're here for you! So, say 'Heck Yes!'.


The Hitch'd Fam - xx



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